Top Christmas Toys 2010 - the best toys for Christmas 2010

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Top Christmas Toys 2010 is an up-to-date list of the most popular children's toys for the upcoming Christmas of 2010. These exciting and innovative toys are the perfect Christmas gifts as well as the ideal birthday presents. Are you wondering what to get for your kid? Have you rushed to the store only to find out that the toys are sold out? Well, look no further. Top Christmas Toys 2010 provides you with the only shopping list you'll ever need. We have gathered here the most requested toys, the most attractive discounts and sales, and the best places to get the toys online. But don't wait till the last moment - get them now while they are still in stock!

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Top Christmas Toys 2010: Ben 10 Action Figures

Top Christmas Toys 2010 - Ben 10 Action FiguresTop Christmas toys 2010 include Ben 10 Action Figures, a line of extremely popular toys based on the successful Ben 10 TV series. Any kid, who enjoys following the incredible adventures of 10 year old Ben Tennyson will be very excited to get one of these action figures as a gift for this Christmas. Ben has the amazing ability to change into various alien forms - the ability that comes from the mysterious Ben 10 Omnitrix device that he found in an alien pod. The Ultimate Omnitrix, as well as any of the Ben 10 action figures, can be purchased online from the reliable stores such as Amazon. But hurry! The popular Ben 10 Action Figures they sell out quickly, especially as we get closer and closer to Christmas.

Top Christmas Toys 2010: Barbie Pink 3 Story Dream House

Top Christmas Toys 2010 - Barbie Pink HouseOne of the top Christmas toys 2010 is Barbie Pink 3 Story Dream House, an ideal gift for Christmas or any birthday. It is truly every girl's dream. Barbie can do absolutely anything when she lives in this outstanding three feet tall Barbie Pink Townhouse. She can organize parties and baby showers, make a dinner for her friends, put on her make-up and even relax in the roofed jacuzzi. Barbie Pink Dream Townhouse is the ultimate gift for girls!

Top Christmas Toys 2010: Barbie Video Girl

Top Christmas Toys 2010 - Barbie VideoWhether you are searching for one of the top Christmas toys 2010 or a great birthday gift for a little girl, Barbie Video Girl is exactly what you are looking for. The incredible Barbie Video Girl is the hottest toy you can find. It's a fashionable Barbie doll - but it comes with a working video camera as well! It plays back the recorded video files and can connect to your PC or Mac to download the recorded movie.

Top Christmas Toys 2010: Erector Toys

Top Christmas Toys 2010 - Erector ToysYou can't talk about top Christmas toys 2010 without mentioning Erector Toys. The Erector Toys have been everyone's favorite toy for almost a century. Suitable for almost all ages, this clever system of multiple small parts combines in many ways to build and create an astounding number of diverse Erector models. The Erector metal toys bring joy to many kids, who are also learning important skills, such as organization, patience, coordination, creativity and reading of directions. Some of the Erector toy sets even come with a 6V battery-powered motor that brings the constructed creations to life.

Top Christmas Toys 2010: Leapfrog Leapster2

Top Christmas Toys 2010 - Leapfrog Leapster2If you are looking for top Christmas toys 2010, consider Leapfrog Leapster2. Leapfrog Leapster2 is an innovative learning and gaming experience. It is a handheld console that supports dozens of learning games, which teach your children the skills of math, science, art, reading and more. Leapfrog Leapster2 connects to the Internet where the children can get extra activities and rewards. The parents can also connect and see their children's progress, share the kids' accomplishments and receive detailed reports on the skills that the children are developing. This is a great birthday gift as well as one of the most popular toy for Christmas 2010.

Top Christmas Toys 2010: Zhu Zhu Pets Toys

Top Christmas Toys 2010 - Zhu Zhu PetsZhu Zhu Pets Toys, a popular series of smart and cute critters, is one of the top Christmas toys 2010 today. These amazing toys include a largevariety of speaking, moving and exploring Zhu Zhu hamsters and wild animals, as well as their uniquehabitats. Zhu Zhu Pets enjoy when you nurture them, while they coo, purr and make other cute noises. You can even let it take a nap - all with a simple push of a button. These fantastic toys are the best possible gift for either a birthday or this year's Christmas.

Top Christmas Toys 2010: LEGO City Toys

Top Christmas Toys 2010 - LEGO City ToysLEGO City Toys is an innovative line of toys from LEGO that provides kids with hours of fun, as well as educational values about our civic life. Listed among the top Christmas Toys 2010, each LEGO City Toys set comes with a multitude of miniature figures, vehicles, accessories and buildings, hundreds of detailed pieces and illustrated directions that help putting the pieces together. This can be a quality family time, as you build the sets together, while teaching your younger children about being creative and following instructions at the same time. These are much more advanced LEGO toys than what we all saw some 30 years ago.

Top Christmas Toys 2010: LEGO Hero Factory

Top Christmas Toys 2010 - LEGO Hero FactoryThe LEGO Hero Factory, a source of top Christmas toys 2010, designs, builds and dispatches robot heroes tosolve crises, fight villains and restore peace across the Galaxy. The Factory is situated in the amazing Makuhero City, a futuristic metropolis with lavish neighborhoods and home to millions of living robots. The heroes defend Makuhero City and the entire Galaxy from the nefarious Von Nebula and his menacing henchmen. LEGO Hero Factory is a popular line of LEGO toys that always sell out fast, especially as we get nearer to Christmas.

Top Christmas Toys 2010: LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0

Top Christmas Toys 2010 - LEGO Mindstorms NXTThe famous LEGO has leapt to a new higher level with LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0. With his incredible new set, you can now build robots that see, feel, move and speak! The set lets you combine the diversity of LEGO building system with an easy-to-use computer software and a microcomputer. Both your kids and you now can build amazing robots in just an hour - robots that can do anything you desire and program them to do. It's a great challenge to your creativity! LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 made the list of top Christmas toys 2010 and it is also everyone's choice for an ideal birthday gift.

Top Christmas Toys 2010: Pink Vtech Kidizoom

Top Christmas Toys 2010 - Pink Vtech KidizoomThe easy-to-use Pink Vtech Kidizoom Digital Camera, one of the top Christmas toys 2010, is ready to document all your child's adventures. With two-eye viewing, grips designed to fit in little hands and a built-in flash, this real digital camera can also record video. The camera is very durable, it provides many hours of fun and even comes with three included games. It includes simple-to-use photo editing software, allowing the kids to add creative touches to their images. This technological wonder is perfectly suitable for kids ages 3 and up. Little ones will have a blast taking pictures and making movies with their Pink KidiZoom Camera.

Top Christmas Toys 2010: Scalextric Slot Cars

Top Christmas Toys 2010 - Scalextric Slot CarsScalextric slot cars, one of the most popular top Christmas toys 2010, are a famous series of large racing tracks that features an amazing variety of famous and historic racing cars. You can combine cars from both classic and modern racing championships, build racing tracks and compete with each other, making this game into a great family quality time. Scalextric slot cars sell out fast, especially as we get nearer to Christmas. So hurry up and order them now!